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01 January 2010 @ 05:04 pm
Name: Blaise Selwyn Zabini
Nicknames: Blaise
Age: 19
Birthday: 12-8-1980
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Gender: Male
Wand: Beech with a Dragon Heartstring core. Beech wood makes for very even and balanced spell casting. It is highly useful for ritualistic spells. Wands made of beech wood tend to pull themselves towards those predestined for wealth. Dragon heartstring held for those with tradition and the stability of a solid foundation. Ideals typically connected with purebloods. Steady and strong, such a wand is good for transfiguration and charms. Well suited for those who aspire for information before making any rash decisions. The wand is equally good for battle and defense. A definite plus for one likely to dabble in the Dark Arts.
(Information gleaned from GreenOaks Wand Selector but placed into my own words.)
House: Slytherin
Year that character finished Hogwarts: 1999
Patronus: Komodo Dragon
What would he/she see in the Mirror of Erised? A powerful man with a trophy wife on his arm
What would he/she see if faced with a boggart? The Dark Lord pointing for him to leave.

Social Status

Bloodline: Pureblood
Caste (this may be the same as bloodline, but not necessarily): Pureblood
Member of the Government/Private Citizen/In Hiding?: Striving to be a member of the government


Affiliations/Memberships: Ministry Employee, wants to become a Death Eater
For/Against Voldemort?: For Voldemort
For/Against the Order? Against the Order
Politically Active/Inactive?: Ready to jump into politics


Eyesight: Perfect
Hearing: Selective
Left/Right/Ambi: Right
Disabilities/Handicaps: None
Physical Health: Blaise is in good physical health. He works out regularly and takes great pride in looking his best.


IQ: Blaise isn’t the smartest cookie in the jar, but he is by no means dumb. He’s of average intelligence.
Extrovert/Introvert: Extrovert
Phobias/Fears: Purebloods losing the power.
Mental Health: Blaise has no mental problems. He is simply a product of his environment. Part of that environment being that his mother has allowed him to have complete control over the female slave that is his age. This has given him a warped sense of what women want and are willing to do. Since he is allowed to rape the slave at will he thinks any woman who says no is just being coy.

Blaise wants what Blaise wants. His mother has always doted on him and given him anything he desires. Growing up as a pureblood, he is very spoiled and entitled. He does not take no for an answer. However, he is completely loyal to those in his inner circle and will do whatever he can to protect them and make sure they want for nothing.

Goals/Dreams: Blaise has heard all the folk lore about Death Eaters and wishes to know if it is possible to continue the tradition.
Likes: Power, social outings, women
Dislikes: Muggleborns, things out of order
First Impression: Blaise is a very polite, well put together young man. He can pretend to like anyone for the public eye and doesn’t appear to hold the biases held by many purebloods of standing.


Parents: Michalea Selwyn and Christoph Zabini
Spouse: none yet
Children: none yet
Siblings: none
Pets: cat named Donovan


Occupation: Works in the Department of Magical Transportation
Education: Hogwarts
Home: Blaise still lives with his mother. They have an upper-middle class home
Finances: Because Michalea never resorted to using her looks to gain wealth and power, Blaise does not come from a wealthy family. Still, Christoph had some money and left a good bit to his wife and son. They have never wanted for anything but are also not in the upper monetary echelons.


Personal History: Blaise was born in 1981 to Michalea and Christoph Zabini. When he was 7, Christoph was shot and killed during a Muggleborn raid. As a condolence Michalea was given a 6 year old girl that was rounded up. Blaise was allowed to practice his hexes on the girl whenever he wanted. When he was 14 his mother allowed him to begin using the girl to learn about sex. Even now, he takes her whenever he wants. HIs being was allowed to reign over the girl child taught him how to mainipulate someone into thinking he has their best interest in mind while being totally focused on his own wants and needs.

At the age of eleven, he went to Hogwarts where he was sorted into Slytherin.His time at Hogwarts was well spent. Blaise excelled in his Dark Arts training. He is well known within the pureblood circles and has no tolerance for Blood Traitors. He avoids Half-bloods to the best of his ability but recognizes that there is some meanial use for them. Generally speaking, his school years were uneventful other than the typical teenage angst.

How has this character changed from the way he/she was depicted in canon?
Blaise knows who his father was. Because Death Eaters take care of their own Michalea never had to resort to the role of a black widow.

Academia and Career

Excellent/Good/Mediocre/Poor Student? Good
Good at Job? Blaise is competent at whatever he puts his mind to.
Does this character's performance accurately reflect their intelligence? yes
Most talented in: Dark arts and Manipulation
Struggles with: Transfiguration
Favourite class during Hogwarts years: Charms
Favourite instructor: Professor Snape
Other magical oddities/abilities: Nothing out of the ordinary


Weight:. about 77 kg (that’s 170 lbs)
Height: 1.9 meters (about 6'2")
Eyes: brown
Hair: black, kept shaved
Face & Complexion: dark
Build: Blaise is tall with a medium build. He’s by no means skinny but definitely no the buffest guy in the bunch.
Defining Marks: Blaise’s demeanor is the first thing that distinguishes him from others. Knowing his background, many would think he’d appear smug and full of himself. Instead, Blaise typically has a smile. This of course makes him highly dangerous as one can never truly tell when he’s sincere .
Dress Style: Blaise always wears the latest style. He dresses to impress.
Possessions always on this person: His wand and breath mints/gum.
Manner of Speech: Polite with a bit of sarcasm and purposeful deceit.
Manner of Movement: graceful and determined


Marital Status: simgle
Ever Had sex: yes
Sexual Preference: Females
Turn ons: being in control, submissiveness
Turn offs: a female who trys to show that she’s in control
Past Relationships: Until Pansy, Blaise hadn’t had any true relationships even though he’d had a few romps. Unless you want to count his lording over the family slave.


Ever been drunk: Yes
Lied to a boyfriend/girlfriend: yes
Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend: Yes
Gotten into a fight: yes
Been a hypocrite in the past: no
Opinion on the Dark Arts: Blaise wishes there were no unforgivables.
Opinion of Voldemort: Blaise feels that the Dark Lord has the true vision for the wizarding world.
Opinion of the Order: Blaise cannot stand the fact that there are those out there who would purposefully want to contaminate their power.


Person: his Mother
Animal: cat
Book: He doesn’t care to read
Colour: black
Drink: Firewhiskey
Food: steak and potatos
Music: traditional instrumentals
Scent: pumpkin pie
Thing To Do: harassing mudbloods

Least Favorite

Person: any Muggleborn
Animal: dog
Book: any he’s forced to read
Color: pink
Drink: milk
Food: brussel sprouts
Flower: Tulip
Music: hard rock
Scent: a musty dungeon
Thing To Do: study something new (though he notices the necessary evil)