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bs_zabini's Journal

15 April 1975
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Character Name: Blaise Selwyn Zabini
Age: 21
Birthday: Aug. 6, 1980
Wand: Beech with a Dragon Heartstring core. Beech wood makes for very even and balanced spell casting. It is highly useful for ritualistic spells. Wands made of beech wood tend to pull themselves towards those predestined for wealth. Dragon heartstring held for those with tradition and the stability of a solid foundation. Ideals typically connected with purebloods. Steady and strong, such a wand is good for transfiguration and charms. Well suited for those who aspire for information before making any rash decisions. The wand is equally good for battle and defense. A definite plus for one likely to dabble in the Dark Arts.
Information gleaned from GreenOaks Wand Selector but placed into my own words.)
House in School: Slytherin
Bloodline: (Pureblood, Half-blood, Muggle born) Pureblood
Political View: Blaise takes after his mother in the fact that he does whatever works for him at the time. He never fell into the whole Death Eater trap but could definitely be considered a strong ally of those with the Mark. During the battle for Hogwarts, his prejudice against Mudbloods took precedent as he watched them attack members of many of the long standing pureblood families. Because of his blatant disregard for non-pureblooded wizards and witches he was placed on the black list by the ministry ensuring that he was eventually tracked with the others.

Weight: about 77 kg (that’s 170 lbs)
Build: Blaise is tall with a medium build. He’s by no means skinny but definitely no the buffest guy in the bunch.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Dress style: Blaise always wears the latest style. He dresses to impress.
Discerning Marks: (include basic appearance, discerning marks, style, etc.) Blaise’s demeanor is the first thing that distinguishes him from others. Knowing his background, many would think he’d appear rugged and rough. Instead, Blaise typically has a smile. This of course makes him highly dangerous as one can never truly tell when he’s sincere .
PB:(Played By--this is the actor, actress or model you will be using for your character icon in the game.) Leonard Roberts
Sexuality: (include details about sexual orientation, history, and give valid reasons for your character being gay/bisexual/straight/transgendered) Blaise is heterosexual. He has always enjoyed the ladies and began to use the looks inherited from his mother as soon as he realized they could get him what he wants. He is very peculiar with who he will associate with in public and refuses to mix with anyone who is not pureblooded. But a behind the door one night stand with any willing witch is definitely not out of his category. He loves the power that a conquest gives him, especially when he can toss them to the side afterwards.

To those who don’t know him, Blaise seems to be an introvert. The opposite is quite true. Blaise is very outgoing and keeps his mind wrapped around whatever is going on around him. He always seems to know what’s going on with those around him. He is highly observant. The misconception comes from his selective attitude. If Blaise does not find one worthy of his time, he simply ignore them even going as far as to brush off and insult those who try to engage him when not invited to do so.
Boggart is? Explain. An obvious Muggle. Blaise’s biggest fear is finding out that his biological father isn’t really a Wizard. This fear comes from knowing that his mother likes to make a sport out of stringing Muggles along until she can use them for her own torturous purposes.
Patronus--can they produce one? What is it and why does it have that form? Kimono dragon. Were you to cut Blaise open you might expect him to actually bleed green. He has taken being a Slytherin to heart. Match that with his perfectly suited wand with a dragon string core and you have the mixture of land based reptile and dragon.

Parents?</b> Blaise’s mother Michalea (Selwyn) Zabini came from a well known pureblood family and learned rather quickly that she could have whomever she wanted. While he has never known his biological father, Blaise’s mother has often assured him that he was one of the most upstanding wizards of his time. However, the man that Blaise called father was named Vincent Zabini. Vincent came into Blaise’s life at the age of two and accepted the young child as his own. The man adopted the child when he married Blaise’s mother giving both the Zabini name in the process. At the age of eight, Vincent died suddenly without obvious cause leaving behind a substantial fortune for Michalea and her young son. Since then several men have come and gone from the Zabini house. None of which have been able to hold onto Michalea long. Those who thought they could wed the woman only to add their estates to the holdings of Mrs. Zabini soon after their union.
Siblings? Blaise is an only child.
Family dynamics--do they get along? Opposite sides of the war? Accept their child's magical talent? Pressure for 'pure blood' marriage? Blaise has always done what his mother expects of him. Michalea ensured that Blaise was surrounded by the most influential families from the very beginning. He was indoctrinated at a young age to the belief that Muggles were an insignificant annoyance and best used for menial labor and selfish entertainment purposes. And while his mother spent time with him in order to ensure he knew that his rightful place was on the top of the food chain, she spent very little time being a caring mother. Blaise’s political views were more an attempt to keep his mother’s approval and hopefully her love rather than his own choosing. Because of the push for political acceptance, Blaise has also accepted that whatever woman he chooses to marry must share his politics.

Blaise has not found an official career yet. He still enjoys the wealth of his adopted father and the men his mother has disposed of over the years. Knowing that he will soon need to find a living of his own in order to ensure future wealth, he is awaiting the outcome of the next Ministerial election to see if his connections can land him a decent post inside the Ministy.
Residence: Blaise currently resides in the south wing of Zabini Manor.
Financial Status: The Zabini family is wealthy. Yet, that wealth is slowly starting to dwindle. If neither Blaise nor Michalea marry well soon they may find their wealth slipping away. Yet, they do a fine job of hiding this fact from those in their social circle.

History from student days at Hogwarts to the present time: Blaise has held on to all his connections from Hogwarts. For a time, he lost track of those who disappeared from the circle for their various reasons. But with an ear constantly to the ground, he quickly found them again once they resurfaced. During the war, he used his Slug Club connections to keep himself protected on both fronts. He did whatever it took to keep himself alive and out of the lime light. Mostly, he played politics and ensured safety for himself and his mother.

While keeping an eye on Daphne Greengrass (her refusal to acknowledge him in school made her rather intriguing) he found himself dating pure blood Serena Fawcett, former Ravenclaw. He met her when he went to watch one of the several hearings held to determine the fate of those who had actively and intentionally sided with He-who-must-not-be-named. The distaste she showed for the Mudbloods carrying on the fake trials quickly grabbed his attention. The two spent a fair amount of time together and he found himself actually seeing himself with her for the long haul. Unfortunately, the Fawcett’s, while being a family of good standing, were not inherently wealthy. This ultimately caused the demise of their relationship as it became clear that wealth held a different priority for the two.

Most recently, Blaise has been in France. Michalea found an art connoisseur (both Wizard and Muggle art) that she was able to trap into marriage, though the man insisted on his new bride moving in with him. At his mother’s request, Blaise went to France. They have been slowly sending the original artwork the man owns back to the manor in London while placing well done imitations in their place.

How does he/she feel about the more infamous events and people in the world around him/her? Harry Potter and his victory over Voldemort? Blaise could have cared less about who actually won the war. He was more concerned about his family keeping their position in society. Of course, he doesn’t care for mudblood Potter and keeps waiting for the day that someone will put the cocky arse in his place.

Dumbledore and his murder by Severus Snape? Dumbledore was not murdered by Snape. That’s just a lie the pitiful Mudbloods and Muggleborns came up with to help immortalize their hero. The truth, as Blaise is certain, is that Professor Snape saw a threat to the students of his own house as Dumbledore continued to bow to those who had no business at Hogwarts in the first place.

Lucius Malfoy's pardon and book publication? It’s about time the Ministry admitted they relentlessly went after those whose only crime was protecting their family. Malfloy should be applauded by the entire Wizarding world for bringing these injustices to light.

Snape's pardon and appointment back to his old job at Hogwarts? He should have been deemed Headmaster. But what can you expect when those who still sing the praises of Albus Dumbledore are on the board of the school?

The Registry? This is the most unfair legislation ever passed. How is it that individuals who were never a viable part of the opposition are being treated like common criminals simply because of their relations and connections?

Werewolf Remus Lupin's job at Hogwarts? Unfortunately this would have happened even if Snape had gotten the postion of Headmaster at Hogwarts. Blaise is still having trouble accepting the fact that his former head of house is consorting with the animal.

Bellatrix's capture, insanity defense, followed by her "cure" and release from St. Mungo's? etc. While Blaise does agree that most pure bloods got a raw deal when it came time for trials and sentencing, he is quite certain that LeStrange is a bit off her rocker. Luckily, he’s not liable to be one of her targets any time soon. So, as long as she leaves him alone he could care less as to where she lays her head.

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